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Principal Architect/Lead Software Engineer

Salt Lake City, UT
Software Architect/Sr. Software Developer
Neat Work (in stealth mode) is on a mission to save the future of work! To do this, we are building one of the most fun, interesting, and transformative software products the modern enterprise has seen. In the words of one VC, “Neat is the most original idea we have ever seen in enterprise talent.” While we don’t want to give too much away, we can say our product will provide team members at client companies more opportunities, autonomy, feedback, learning, and enjoyment. Our product will make our clients a Neat place to work by engaging/retaining precious talent and building dynamic capabilities. We can’t wait to tell you more (but we will wait ;-). 
We have several mid-sized and larger enterprise customers lined up and ready to deploy. We're funded by some of the top seed-stage VC firms in the world focused on enterprise talent, with several top firms lined up for our next round. We’re ready to rock.
For now, your job is primarily to salivate over the vast array of intriguing engineering challenges and compelling leadership and software architecture opportunities awaiting your arrival. For starters, you’ll: 
  • Dig into and take ownership of the codebase, including architecture, back-end, front-end, and machine learning/NLP/SaaS/Java Script/matching algorithms
  • Lay out the foundations of a vast SaaS platform
  • Ship high-quality, functioning software
  • Learn about organizational design/people ops and contribute to product strategy
  • Actively foster a diverse, high-performing engineering culture
  • Inspire others to grow and do their very best work
  • As we grow, build your own team
  • Enviable breadth/depth of engineering skills acquired with at least 5 years of industry experience with OOP, RDBMS, Big Data, Micro Services architecture and building SaaS products
  • You’re an early adopter of new languages and frameworks and have deep software architecture knowledge
  • Ability to balance flawless execution with pragmatism
  • Passion for computer science and solving difficult/interesting computational problems
  • Intellectual curiosity: you geek out over all kinds of stuff
  • Self-starter attitude: you’re the difference between things happening and not happening
  • Experience: share battle stories from your time in early-stage startups  
  • Leadership style: a direct communicator who is still affable and collaborative
  • Sense of humor, because we want to have some fun together
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